Thursday, October 2, 2014

On adults reading YA

I had a prepared answer for this slide on today’s PW Webinar on YA. We never got to the question.


Indulge me.

I agree with one aspect all of these hand-wringing articles about adults reading YA have in common: I agree that reading time is precious and finite in a hectic world of boundless good writing.

Some adults may choose to spend their reading hours on anything but YA novels. Fair enough. Indeed, some adults may go farther and choose to spend a portion of their precious reading time writing about what they’re not reading in order to convince others not to read it either. Admirable self-sacrifice, that latter one.

However, as an adult reader myself, I make a different choice in my prioritization. I choose not to read vapid concern trolling about other people’s reading habits. I’ll get to The Goldfinch sooner that way.

To each his own, I guess.