Friday, December 20, 2013

This is a call

Unagented debut authors of YA fiction, I will open the submission window for one week in January. I will look at any debut YA attached to an email dated between 1/6/2014 and 1/12/2014.
Some specifics:
  • I consider a debut to be a first book-length work in any category. So, if you've published a picture book, a MG novel, a work of narrative nonfiction, etc, you're not eligible for this call. Similarly, self-published books are books as far as I'm concerned. If it had an ISBN and appeared for sale anywhere, it's your debut.
  • Please take a look at what I’ve published in the past. I’m not going to set any sub-genre specifications, but you might draw some conclusions based on what Lab has done before. It’s a small list.
  • I'm open to submissions from any country, as long as the book is in English. 
  • No “New Adult.”
Warning: Ask anyone. I’m slow as hell with these, and thus I do not require any sort of exclusivity.
Submission specifics are here:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

So this happened


We are all so very, very proud of Carrie. (And we hope her pinky feels better soon.)

I obviously have a well-established soft spot for the YALSA's Morris Award, but the award really is a fantastic standard bearer for all that YA can be and for how healthy and exciting the genre is. The Morris should the high-road rebuttal of choice for every stupid HuffPo/Slate/whoeverthehell piece about how YA is just sparkly vampires, dystopias, and John Green (though it is all those things too).

Congratulations to all the nominees! I look forward to reading them all.