Monday, September 24, 2012

Send me your YA manuscripts beginning Oct. 1.

Updated Below
I do NOT want books that:
  • “have series potential.” No. I’m serious. If you  really want to write lots of books about the world or the characters, give this one a miss. This includes trilogies, tetralogies, cycles, sages, etc.
  • are dystopian, post-apocalyptic, or otherwise posit  one of those catastrophic futures that are curiously good at breeding teenage heroes. (I kid because I love.)
  • have dragons. (I already have the only dragon book I’ll ever love.)
  • have anything to do with Hamlet.
  • exceed 100k words.
  • feature protagonists in college.
  • are strikingly similar to things I've already published.
Things I like:
  • Grit that shows breathtaking sparkly bits when the light hits it just so. I really  like this.
  • Very unusual people.
  • Very unpleasant people who are nonetheless irresistible.
  • Sex.
  • Awkwardness.
  • Awkward sex.
  • Adversarial relationships with objective reality.
  • Encountering unfamiliar mythologies.
  • Foreigners.
  • Doomed romance.
Things I require:
  • That you follow my submission guidelines.
  • That your cover letter be very brief and you not agonize over it for more than twenty minutes.
  • Your extreme patience. I’m slow. I often return to manuscripts several times before I make a decision.
Things you should continue to do after you submit:

  • Look for an agent.
  • Write more books.

I will not read anything sent before October 1 or after midnight on Halloween.

Thank you!

Opportunities for deeper explorations into my tastes (by no means necessary, but what the hell?):