Monday, April 2, 2012

Submissions Call: YA novels (Mad Libs Edition)

This ends when April ends. Please do not deviate in any way from the email outlined below.


Subject line: YA Novel for April

Body of email:

Dear Andrew:

Please find attached my YA novel, [Title]. It’s [Word count] words long, and if pressed, I’d say the subgenre is [Any YA subgenre except high fantasy]. Based on what I know about Carolrhoda Lab and the books you’ve published, I think [Title] would be a good fit because [Brief explanation of why in not more than three sentences and of course fewer is fine.]

I’m sending this to you on a non-exclusive basis, and I will let you know if I get another offer or accept agent representation.

I look forward to hearing from you sometime before the end of 2012,

[Your Name]
[Word file of complete manuscript attached.]