Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Music to my ears

imageI can say without fear of exaggeration that the best thing to find in one’s inbox upon one’s return from the holiday is a Kirkus review for The Freak Observer* that ends thusly:

“A keenly observant narrator noticing life’s small details, Loa holds nothing back, which is both riveting and heartbreaking. An auspicious debut for both the author and Carolrhoda's new Lab imprint.”

But wait, there was more. A recent Booklist review concludes as follows:

“A strong debut about learning to see yourself apart from the reflection you cast off others."

And since good things come in threes, fellow author and future Lab Rat R.J. Anderson also had a chance to read an advance copy, and was favorably inclined on Twitter:

"@Blythewoolston's FREAK OBSERVER is haunting & raw yet not hopeless. It defies cliche, stereotype & predictability. Genius."

Congratulations, Blythe! Thanks for giving Lab your excellent auspices.

*This cover still gives me chills. Reader, you are holding a heart when you hold a book!

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Vampires and Tofu said...

Hi =)

I was fortunate enough to receive this along with Draw the Dark and The Absolute Value of -1 and I was just wondering if you would prefer I review these now or wait until closer to the release dates. Please feel free to email me at willowwind@gmail.com

Thank so much!
Angelique Davis