Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Kidlitosphere

image Rumor has it that I’m helping to organize Kidlitosphere Conference this year. Whatever else you may have heard about me, this rumor is entirely true. My coconspirators are Brian Farrey of Flux and Ben Barnhart of Milkweed, and we’re looking forward to hosting the best and the brightest in kidlit blogging at Open Book in Minneapolis.

If you’re reading this blog, you should consider coming. If you’re reading this blog in lieu of writing in your own blog, then you should consider submitting a proposal. No, really, I mean it. We want to hear from you soon. This conference is a terrific opportunity to participate in decidedly uncrappy “discourse” (a word I suddenly think of this as John Green® word) at the bleeding edge of kidlit blogging.

As the one picture book guy in the hosting troika, I also want to say this is not a YA-only conference by any stretch. I want proposals from picture book writers and illustrators!

In the next day or two, we’ll also be announcing the keynote speaker, and there will be much rejoicing, so make sure you’ve got the conference blog in your RSS reader and that you’re following @kidlitcon2010 on Twitter.

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Blythe said...

The one thing you have yet to do, as far as I can tell, either here or on the kidlitcon2010 blog is to tell me what exactly is happening. You assume I know. I don't.

As it turns out, I *am* procrastinating on my blog entry. I decided that I would do a post every week, hell or high water. I believe it is hell this week...

So why, sir, ought I do this. The promise of discourse isn't enough. Be specific and tempting.

Tell me three things. Give me three reasons.

Blythe said...

That missing ? makes it wabi sabi.

Andrew Karre said...

Blythe asks excellent questions.

There will be a days worth of sessions, intermixed with two evenings and one lunch worth of networking/mingling/discoursing. Here's how the last one looked:

We're planning for more sessions, including some tending toward the technical side and some tending toward the introductory. We're also looking to create panels that invite heady discourse between the three legs of the kidlit tripod: reviewers/librarians, authors, and publishers.

There's more, and I will meet your three things challenge in a separate post. But this is a start.