Monday, December 7, 2009

More book futurism

It makes me very happy to read these two news items in the same day. The future is going to be interesting:

According to a report cited on Gizmodo, iPod Touch usage is growing faster than iPhone usage by some measures. One interpretation of this data is, according to Giz, that many iPod Touch users are young—too young to have iPhones—and that the Touch is a gateway drug to iPhone usage as soon as the iPod user is old enough to be an arm and a leg for the data plan. If this is so, then it’s another signal of the direction we ought to be headed for ebooks.

Meanwhile, those same iPod Touch users are apparently buying a whole lot of vinyl according to the New York Times.*

“Rachelle Friedman, the co-owner of J&R [Music, in New York], said the store is selling more vinyl and turntables than it has in at least a decade, fueled largely by growing demand from members of the iPod generation.”

Implicit in the report is that they also own digital version of the same music.  (I guess “Vinyl is reborn into a complementary, mutually beneficial relationship with the MP3” wouldn’t fit on a T-shirt.)

The only media I can think of where a marriage of a well designed tactile product with a convenient digital complementary version is books.

Dammit, make it so!


* Ironic source, when you think about it.

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Venus said...

I know I own an iTouch because the plans for the iPhone are just too expensive. Almost twice what I pay for my phone now. They have all the same apps, just not the constant internet connection. It is honestly the best toy I have ever had.