Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More slouching toward digital

A couple weeks ago, I mused about what the recent resurgence of vinyl records might be able to tell us about books. This week, teh interwebs are slightly abuzz with news of the end of another old but fervently beloved media format: Kodachrome film.

I know nothing about film and very little about photography, but this is an interesting event. Kodachrome has been around since 1935, a little longer than the 33 1/3 RPM LP, and it was, I gather, the first popular color film. Apparently, processing Kodachrome is very labor intensive but it has fanatical adherents, who love its color and range. Processing can be something like art itself. Only one lab in the world still processes the film and after this year, they’re done.

Digital photography has supplanted film in a way far more dramatic and rapid than digital books could ever supplant print, but I think there’s a lot of interesting information to be had in studying the end of an old media type. And thankfully we have a new media type, blogs, to make it all possible. Check out the Gizmodo post and head for the comments section.