Monday, April 27, 2009

Of awards ceremonies and such

Last week was busier than expected, hence the lack of blogging (though it looks like there was much Tweeting). Part of this was due to the volume of excellent response to my call for manuscripts. Thanks to all who’ve submitted so far. I’ll be open to more at least through May 1.

IMG00007 On Friday, I got my hands on my first e-book reader, a Sony 700 series, so many of the submissions above found there ways over to the reader. It’s an interesting little device. I’ve read a couple hundred pages off it so far (manuscripts, not books) and I’d certainly call it preferable to a monitor. This one has a touch screen and note-taking capability. So far, that’s a huge disappointment. The touch screen is crude, especially if you’ve used an iPhone, and so far there’s no way to export the notes from the device. Anyway, I’ll be twittering impressions as I have them.

The highlight of the week, though, was the Minnesota Book Awards, beginning with the event hosted by The Loft and Secrets of the City at Kiernan’s in Minneapolis. I got to hang out with Monkey with a Tool Belt creator Chris Monroe and several other nominated authors. It was a good time. Saturday was the main event, the award ceremony at the St. Paul Crowne Plaza. This was my first time attending and it was quite an event. Exceeded my expectations. Chris was there again, as were Carolrhoda vets (and fellow nominees) Stephen Gammell and Nancy Carlson. Ultimately the prize went to The House in the Night author Susan Marie Swanson, but a good time was had by all none the less. Congrats to all the award winners (especially Loft ed director Brian Malloy, who took the prize for Young People’s Lit.). A complete recap is here.