Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Should I be writing this on my phone?

Are you reading this on your phone? I’m not, and you’re probably not, but this area is sure getting interesting quickly.

I already mentioned the excellent New Yorker article about cell phone novels in Japan and now Galley Cat is shedding some additional light on this. 86% of Japanese teens read novels on cell phones? Wow.

I’m sure this isn’t coming to the US, though. I mean, Japanese popular culture never explodes over here, especially not with children, right? So please go about your business as usual . . .


Shelli said...

im just getting used to the kindle :) soon we'll bereading it on our watches with 5 inch thick glasses. - ugh

Steve Brezenoff said...

This potential fad actually scares me more than most. I'm not sure why.