Monday, January 19, 2009

Lerner on Fuse #8

Fuse caught my colleague Carol Burrell’s presentation at the SLJ Day of Publisher Presentations. I suspect Carol will use this opportunity to negotiate for a wardrobe allowance, since she clearly dressed to impress. Carolrhoda’s books thank you for your sartorial splendor.

Update: Carol was kind enough to provide details on her ensemble, for those of you who are shopping at home:

[The shoes] are Clarks "Marilla" Mary Janes. The colour is "Vampire Red," which of course is a nice burgundy, such as all classy vampires prefer. I'm not sure the photos from do them justice, but, yes, these shoes are spectacular. Even if they don't have insanely thin fashionable stiletto heels. And they are spectacularly comfortable and surprisingly well suited to standing around at conferences, or at secret Manhattan cocktail lounges in one's Mondrian dress. (And, to add a disclaimer, all items were purchased on sale... what with having an editor's salary ;) ).


clip_image003 clip_image004

For what it’s worth, I too am wearing Clarks (black, driving loafers).