Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Found in the New York Times John Updike obit:
“I really don’t think I’m alone among writers in caring about what they experienced in the first 18 years of their life,” he told The Paris Review. “Nothing that happens to us after 20 is as free from self-consciousness, because by then we have the vocation to write,” he continued. “At the point where you get your writerly vocation, you diminish your receptivity to experience.”

I really should read a Rabbit novel, shouldn't I?


A.S. King said...

You really should.

And thanks for this quote. I missed it in my reading today.

Brian said...

I'm going to hell because I was really bummed out over this for quite awhile until I realized I was confusing John Updike for John Irving. It was still sad when I realized the mistake, and yet I felt a little better too.