Friday, December 5, 2008

How ya gonna pay?

I am not a Rent person; let's just get that out. I've only ever seen the appallingly bad movie version that came out a couple years ago. However, my wife and my sister can sing the whole thing, etc., so I know Rent people and so I know there are bound to be some people who are pissed off about this:

Red Wing [Minnesota] High School Says No to "Rent"

I love the last bit:

Superintendent Stan Slessor and Red Wing High
School Principal Beth Borgen say the play's homosexual elements were
not behind their decision. Instead they say the main problem was the
issue of drug use.

A new musical will be selected. The last time a musical was
rejected by the administration was in the 1990s, when "West Side Story"
was struck down.

"West Side Story"? Really!?! Somebody should write a musical about a high school that can't find a musical to perform....

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Steve said...

I wonder what the problem with West Side Story was -- knife fights, or immigrants?