Monday, November 17, 2008

I still agree with Leila . . .

that "real vampires don't sparkle," but this piece about adapting Twilight  for the screen in the New York Times is interesting for its musing on storytelling for teens. This is a useful observation:

The movie also appears to capture the oddly timeless atmosphere of the book, in which e-mail notes are sometimes sent but no text messages are, no video games are played, and no one seems to have an iPod crammed with gangsta rap, emo or heavy metal. “You try to keep current with teenagers’ culture and idioms,” Ms. Rosenberg said, “but in ‘Twilight’ some of that feels incongruous. One of the producers actually said to me, ‘I’m uncomfortable when Edward uses a cellphone.’ ”

I agree that this is one of the novel's strengths. It's not oddly timeless so much as it's intelligently timeless. No teen novel needs to go out of its way to signal that it's "current" with border-line product placement of the latest gadgets or entertainment trends.