Monday, November 19, 2007


Updated 11/1/2014

Carolrhoda accepts limited solicited submissions from unagented authors. Announcements of these solicitations appear on this blog at irregular intervals. Carolrhoda does not accept unsolicited submissions or queries from unagented or unreferred authors, so please do not submit anything not described below. Note that if you attended a conference where I spoke, you may submit for the time specified at the conference. Please refer to the conference in the subject line of your email.

Here's what we're soliciting now: Nothing. We're closed for a bit.

Here's how you should send it to us, if we're accepting:

Please email a very brief cover and your manuscript to We're notoriously inattentive query/cover reader and a fanatical reader of first pages, so let that be your guide to what we mean by "very brief." Include the word "QUERY" in the subject (We're not asking for queries. Just put the word in the subject line and ignore the contradiction). Please put the cover letter in the body of the email and include the completed manuscript as an attachment. Do not send partials. Do not include any portion in the body of the email. Microsoft Word or RTF files much preferred. PDFs are OK if you need to show illustrations. All non-compliant emails deleted with prejudice and without reply.

How should you address your email?

"Dear Anna or Greg" are all fine, depending on who's calling. But read this so you'll know not to embarrass yourself by addressing it to "Dear Carol," "Dear Ms. Rhoda," etc.

What Next?

Response time will be maddeningly slow, probably a year. We're sorry. Remember, though, we're not asking for exclusivity, so submit elsewhere--just send an email if you're about to accept an offer so that we can rend our garments for missing out on your brilliance.

And that's it. Sorry, we are not considering paper queries or submissions and will not ever again do so.